Technology for the entertainment industry

Technology for the entertainment industry. ReelTrak is built from the ground up to to make production easy.

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Technology is at the heart of everything we do, and we know the right tools are what make the difference between getting it right sometimes and getting it right on time, everytime.

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Easily order and manage staff
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Simplify compliance and supervision
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Track financials in real-time
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Manage calendar, plans, and orders
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ReelTrak for Clients

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    Live Staff Ordering

    ReelTrak makes entering orders a snap. Review and update them at any time.

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    Real-time Financials

    See how your budget is affected in real-time as you add and remove staff. Easily print budget PDFs for accounting and pull down invoices as soon as they are ready.

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    Production Calendar

    Cross-checking your production plan with your orders has never been easier with our detailed production calendar. See where everyone is going to be and when.

ReelTrak Smart Scheduling

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    Get the staff you need, right away

    The magic of ReelTrak only gets better when the orders reach our smart scheduling app. We have custom algorithms that spot the best workers for your job based on their experience and their travel time to the location. We can then push offers to whole groups of qualified guards at once, allowing us to fill shifts faster than anyone.

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    Get your preferred staff  whenever you work

    Everyone knows the value of getting staff you have had great experiences with in the past. Give five stars reviews to your favorites and we’ll do our best to place them with you whenever we can.

ReelTrak Smart Scheduling
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ReelTrak Worker

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    Real-time logging

    ReelTrak isn’t just for orders, we also have custom apps for our field staff that allow them to track their activity, making sure your invoices are timely and accurate.

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    Compliance and supervision

    Supervisors use ReelTrak to make sure every post is staffed, times are logged accurately and all the work is fully compliant with local and federal regulations.

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    Worker views for clients (coming soon)

    Nothing beats a boots-on-the-ground walk of your set, seeing everything running smoothly — but what about the sets and locations you can’t visit? Our team is working to make the same tools our field staff use available to clients to see who they have staffed and where they are throughout the day.

Built for the entertainment industry, optimized for any industry.

We’ve leveraged our expertise in the fast-paced, changing needs of the entertainment industry to offer technological solutions for organizations of any kind.

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TV & Film On Location
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TV & Film
Studio Lots
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Businesses and Organizations
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A partner that’s got your back

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    Field staff at the ready

    Our team is ready to partner with you on projects large and small. We can help you iron out a security plan and make adjustments as needed to make sure you’re covered.

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    Round-the-clock support

    Our office and field staff are available round-the-clock to help you sort any issues or changes to your schedule.

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    In-app communication

    Questions about our apps? You can live chat out technical support team from any screen or via reach out via email.

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